Federico Bueno de Mata


Professor of Procedural Law. University of Salamanca

Specialization Diploma in Mediation Academic Coordinator . University of Salamanca

Director Academic of the Forum of Experts and Young Researchers in Law and New Technologies ( FODERTICS)


- PhD in Law from the University of Salamanca, with a rating of Excellent Cum Laude , with a thesis entitled "La prueba electrónica en el marco de una Administración de Justicia Informatizada: especial referencia al proceso civil", from February 2013 ( Award . outstanding Thesis 2013).

- Master in Legal Practice

- Title Training Advocacy and Professor of Secondary and University Education (CAP) .


Professor of these subjects: 

Introduction to Procedural Law ( Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor Crimología )
Procedural Civil Law ( Bachelor of Laws )
Procedural Criminal Law ( Title owned Criminology)
Judicial protection of Equality and Gender Conflict Resolution through Litigation ( Master in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies )
Modules on Procedural Law ( LL.M. for Foreign Lawyers Spanish )
Basic Notions of Law ( University of Experience )

From 2009 to mid-2013 has been Personal Researcher of Procedural Law at the University of Salamanca by the beneficiary of a Contract of Training awarded by the Junta de Castilla y León and funded by the European Social Fund under the Order EDU/1933/2008.

He is a member of the Research Group of Excellence recognized iudicium : Procedural Studies Group at the University of Salamanca and a member of the FIADI (Iberoamerican Federation of Law and Informatics ) and ENATIC( National ICT Association of Lawyers)

He has four international researchs conducted at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS), University of London, at the Center for Legal Research and Technological University of Monterrey, at the Institut d' études et ibériques Iberian - américaines , University of Pau et des Pays de l' Adour ;and the University Surcolombiana Neiva, Colombia ; and national research stay at the Computer Forensics Unit of the National Police , to investigate the subject of his future doctoral thesis , electronic evidence .


He is the author of the monograph “Prueba electrónica y Proceso 2.0”, (ISBN 978-84-9053-483-0), Editorial Tirant lo Blanch, 2014.

It has multiple articles related to the Law and New Technologies , with transverse lines of research how this axis : the interception of e- mails , biometrics, location telematics prisoners bracelets , electronic mediation , computerized procedural management , E - Justice and electronic procedures , child protection in social networks , etc. . ; in prestigious law journals such as Justice or Law General European Law Journal.

Similarly , he has been a speaker and communicator in congresses, conferences and scientific meetings both nationally and internationally, highlighting their interests in Congress relating to the Law and Information Technology in countries such as Argentina , Colombia , Chile, Costa Rica , Mexico , Bolivia or Peru.