Carmen Herrero

PhD in Psychology form University of Salamanca

Associate Professor (Profesora Titular de Universidad) of Psychology in the Department of Social Psychology and Anthropology at the University of Salamanca. She is an expert on the application of social psychological processes to the process, evidence and the legal system, Victimology and Criminology. She is interested on Psychology and Law, Procedural Fairness in legal decision making, alternative conflict resolution and victims of crime.

She has participated in more than 15 research grants, and her papers have been published in specialized international and national journals like Applied Cognitive Psychology; Psychiatry, Psychology & Law; Psychology, Crime, & Law;Health Marketing Quarterly; International Journal of Psychology, Estudios Penales y Criminológicos;Psicothema; Revista de Psicología Social; Estudios de Psicología; Anuario de Psicología Jurídica. She has edited and co-authored some chapters in the books Psychology and Law (Pearson) and Self-Efficacy and Delinquency (Dykinson).

During the last years she has been coordinator of the Criminology Degree and taught some undergraduate courses on Social Psychology, Basic Psycho-Social Processes, Fundamentals of Psychology, Psychology and Law and Victimology at the Faculty of Psychology and the School of Law. At the postgraduate level she has participated in several national and international programs about Mediation, Modern Procedural Law, Law and Psychology, Organizational Justice, Police and Security, Victims of crime, etc. Besides, she participated in some specialized courses for the Spanish Police Force, prosecutors and judges, and gave some monographic talks for diverse audiences.