Almudena Gallardo Rodríguez


Law degree, University of León, Spain, 2008

Graduate studies:

Master of Legal Practice, University of Salamanca, Spain, June 2009,
Certificate suitable for the legal profession. General Council of the Judiciary, November 2009.

PHD: ABD. Included in these studies:

Degree of Salamanca, I had the highest grade, Cum Laude unanimously outstanding and the special award of degree. University of Salamanca, in May 2011.
Honors diploma. University of Salamanca, in May 2011.
Diploma de Estudios Avanzados (DEA). University of Salamanca, July 2011.
Currently, I am researching in civil law for my dissertation.
Publication: I have several publications (articles in journals and chapters books). Also, I have been coordinating some books about women rights.
Technical presentations: I have participated in seminars, conferences, courses and events about law. I have also been part of organizing some academic activities.