Areas of Research


The central idea behind EMEDEU PROJECT is the development of a prelegislative.

EMEDEU project will take place through different cross-cutting activities:

a) Approach and analysis on the feasibility of electronic mediation in the legal context of the EU to resolve cross-border disputes in civil and commercial matters (each of the Universities and research centers involved in the project)

b) Kick-off, Progress and Final Meetings: in which will be established the work plan, follow-up of the project and presenting the results obtained through the research of its members. At these events will be invited to participate outside experts to submit their proposals and reviews about the results of the project.

EMEDEU project is highly relevant to public authorities of Member States of the European Union, as well as for businesses and citizens, because involves offering a faster and less expensive out-of-courts cross-border dispute resolution system than currently available and as in a perfect new approach to the development of new technologies