EMEDEU PROJECT WILL PROVIDE (as expected results):


Concrete effective and achievable proposals involving the establishment of cross-border electronic mediation in civil and commercial as an EFFECTIVE our-of-court conflict resolution system in the field of administration of justice in the European Union, with full legal and procedural safeguards.


Development of a legal model about the future ODR European legislation as solvent and accessible resource for dispute resolution, thanks to DEVELOPING A PRELEGISLATIVE PROPOSAL aimed at optimizing the electronic mediation procedures at European level, reporting immense BENEFITS to ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE at the European level; as envisaged in the ADR Directive.


Desing of “European Code of Conduct for electronic mediators” (e-mediator), which establishes the rules and performance requirements of electronic mediator´s and mediation institutions´ in cross-border cases, as well as their skills, rights, obligations and responsibilities.


EMEDEU project will formalize a number of public documents in the form of scientific publications and public reports containing the results of research carried out by consortium´s members in the end of the project.